KTeaVision is officially founded at 2014, mainly managing stylistic Japanese gifts and toys. We are looking for potential products to build up a high-class image for expanding a business in the Japanese market. It is hoped that different collections of fashionable items from all over the world can be promoted into our international city — Hong Kong, providing high quality and delicate products.





KTeaVision 成立於 2014年,以企劃精品及打造高品味家居用品為理念。一直努力拓展日本精品市場。我們致力發掘具潛力的產品,並為產品打造高品味形象。希望於香港此國際都會引入世界各地不同的精品,提供高品質、具品味的產品給大眾!



KTea is named for a café which I wish to own by myself. During the time being, I was familiar with the Japanese gifts and domestic products, therefore, I have obtained chances to further engage in business. The company is called KTeaVision, it stands for my ambition insisting on my faith in a great vision of being passionate and enterprising.


KTea 乃當年我希望開設的CAFE名稱,唯因著生路歷程讓我與精品及家居用品相遇,並獲得更多機會經營現在的事業。公司取名KTeaVision,代表要抱著當年為夢想敢想敢衝的視野,要持守心中的理念,不隨波逐流。